Why PIPA/SOPA and the DNS are a Joke! Tell Hollywood To Take A Hike!

Why would someone spend all of 2009 and 2010 turning off three strategically located commercial servers, each with its own DNS, that hosted more than 100 domains, each one of which had its own dedicated IP address, and consistently serving thousands of web pages day after day since 1997? Why would someone host their WordPress blog on their computer/server at home? Why would someone go offline for all of 2011? Why would someone participate in building a peer-2-peer search engine? Four questions, I’ll let you have four educated guesses and you can pick the question you want to answer and you don’t even have to submit the first two guesses. Never assume anything, doing so could make you and possibly someone you know look like a damn corporate media whore.

Democracy is just another word . . . . . . for nothing left to lose!