Former Mossad case-officer-turned-author Victor Ostrovsky in his book; “By Way of Deception” reveals a vast Jewish network of conspirators known as Sayanim, a term used to describe Jews living outside of ISRAEL that are citizens of other countries but hold supreme loyalty to ISRAEL. These Sayanim volunteer to provide assistance to the Mossad. Their assistance includes facilitating medical care, money, logistics, and even overt intelligence gathering, i.e. spying on their host country.

ABC ~ Already Been Censored
ACLU ~ American Criminal Lawyers Union
alCIAda ~ see CIA
AMA ~ American Murderers Association
BAR ~ British Accredited Registry
BLS ~ Bullcrap, Lies & Statistics
CBS ~ Collectivist Broadcasting Service
CCC ~ Cunning Coniving Cockroaches
CDC ~ Center for Disease Creation
CIA ~ Covert Infiltration Agency
CNN ~ Canned News Network
CPS ~ Corporate Perverts Society
DEA ~ Drug Enslavement Agency
DHS ~ Department of Homeland Stupidity
DL ~ Designated Loser
EPA ~ Employment Prevention Agency
FAA ~ Federated Airheads Administration
FBI ~ Fraternity, Brotherhood and Infiltration
FCC ~ Federal Censorship Committee
FDA ~ Fatal Drug Administrators
GCS ~ Global Crime Syndicate
GIGO ~ Garbage In Garbage Out
ICLEI ~ International Criminal Law Eliminating Independence
IRS ~ Ignorant Revenue Servants
MICC ~ Military Industrial Congressional Complex
NASA ~ Never A Strait Answer
NATO ~ North American Terrorist Organization
NAZI ~ North America Zionist Infiltrator
NBC ~ Nuclear Bomb Contractors
NPR ~ National Propaganda Radio
PBS ~ Propaganda Broadcasting Service
PSA ~ Propaganda Spin Announcement
PSTMCD ~ Plantation Slave Tracking, Monitoring & Communication Device
TCFO ~ The Chinese Factory Outlet
TEAM ~ Together Everyone Achieves Mediocrity
THEM ~ The Hierarchy Enslaving Mankind
THEY ~ The Hierarchy Enslaving You
TICC ~ Terrorist Industrial Congressional Complex
UN ~ United Nothing
USDA ~ United States Drug Administrators
WASP ~ White Anglo Saxon Parasite
WHO ~ World Homicide Organization