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Why Intel Wants To Network Your Clothes Dryer

Intel has shown off a working prototype of a small box that, among other things, can monitor your clothes dryer to see how much it’s contributing to your power bill. The Intelligent Home Energy Management proof-of-concept device is a small box with an 11.56-inch OLED touchscreen that is designed to act as an electronic dashboard for monitoring energy use in the home. By equipping devices like home entertainment systems and clothes dryers with wireless networked power adapters, the system can actually report back the power draw for a particular power point. Leave the house, and it can make sure power-draining devices like that plasma TV are turned off. It is unlikely the device will enter production (there are apparently only four in existence), however this story about the box shows something we can expect to see in the home of tomorrow. Ultimately, it’s not only about saving money, but also reducing load on the electricity grid by removing needless power use.