Coast Guard Using Article 32 Military Tribunals for Civilians in America


Military law is Title 10 in its entirety and by definition it is martial law. Article 32 of the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ) (Section 832 of Title 10, United States Code) is an important portion of Title 10, or Military law. Article 32 of the UCMJ “requires a thorough and impartial investigation of charges and specifications before they may be referred to a general court-martial.” This is akin to a Grand Jury investigation for Military personnel only. But now, American Civilians are coming under Article 32 military tribunals. This is in direct contravention and opposition to all National and International legal standards and precedence.

Why do I bring this up?

Because for one, the man now in charge of disaster relief in the Gulf relating to the oil spill is the man responsible for what I am writing about herein, which are war crimes. Also, I have been forced to undergo un-Constitutional military tribunals myself over the course of the past 8 years and understand just what is at stake and what the general outcome will be if this is allowed to continue on its present course. Not just for myself, but for America, in fact all Americans. The “bigger picture” of what is in store for all of us has been revealed to me in the course of these proceedings. More about that at another time, only so I can focus more tightly on the issues of the improper if not clearly illegal use of these military tribunals. Continue reading


Geneva Conventions Redefined ~ Lt. Eric N. Shine


Part 1: The New U.S. Department of War

Most people are unaware of a larger picture developing over the course of the past seven or eight decades, or somehow they are willingly choosing to ignore it. This still-developing image portrays matters requiring a greater knowledge of world history, a higher degree of self-education and a more global perspective to recognize and decipher.

Probably the most remarkable change occurring and still underway is a complete militarization of everything in the United States, if not around the world. The most disturbing sign of this breach of civilian commons today by the military, comes in the form of or the creation, or should I say recreation, as it had once been known up and until 1946, of a new or at least reinvigorated Department of War, which is no longer a “Department of Defense,” to ward off foreign invasion.

The War Department existed from 1789 until September 18, 1947, when it was renamed initially as the Department of the Army, then became part of the new, joint National Military Establishment (NME). Shortly thereafter, in 1949, the NME was finally converted to the Department of Defense. The Department of War was organized for war (offense) and not for defense. The interrelated and end result of this today, is the creation of the newly founded Department of Homeland Security, which was to be originally dubbed the Department of Homeland Defense to allow the long-standing Department of Defense to once again go on the offensive. Continue reading